Manage the content of NFC, BLE tags and QR codes.

Set content you want to deliver to your users by tags using a web application. You do not need to re-encode the tags if you want to change the information connected to them.

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Manage tags content from your account.

You do not need to re-encode the tags if you want to change the content connected to them. Set content you want to deliver to your users by tags using a web application.

You do not need to understand the encoding of NFC tags.

In order to use NFC tags in your project, you do not need to know how to encode them. You can order already pre-encoded tags and connect them in your account.

Support for NFC, BLE tags and QR codes.

Supported not only NFC tags, but other types of tags that use URL links. You can also work with Bluetooth tags (for example, supporting Eddystone format) or QR-codes.

Use content templates or create your own.

Use prepared templates for a quick start. You can also create your own templates if this is required for your project.

Group tag management

Combine tags into logical groups for convenient management of several tags at once.

Usage statistics for tags

Get reports on user interactions with tags. Analyze the results using custom filters.

Use cases

Why use the Taglme Link service?

  • If it is needed to manage content delivered for the users.

    Tags are encoded only once before the project is started. All further work is done through a web application.

  • You want to use NFC tags, but do not know how to encoded them for your purposes.

    We will prepare NFC tags that you can start using without the need for a long study of technical details.

  • User interaction analysis with tags is required.

    You will be able to find statistics on the interaction of users with tags. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to analyze the effectiveness of the project.


Short overview video. You'll learn how to create managed NFC tags and set the content that the user will receive when interacting with the tag.

Interaction statistics with tags

In the application statistics of interaction of users with tags are available. Various report filters allow you to analyze the effectiveness of the project. Interaction data can also be transferred to web analytics systems, such as Google Analitycs and Yandex Metrika.

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  • 10 tags
  • 14 free trial
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  • 100 tags
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165 USD/month

  • 1000 tags
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Pre-encoded NFC tags for application

You can encode tags yourself or order tags already connected to the application. After activation, you can immediately start using them.


Yes, you can use your own NFC tags. To do this, you need to write a URL-link to them, which will be generated in the application.
You can order pre-encoded tags that are ready to work with the application. After they are activated in your account, you can immediately start using them.
Tags that can use a web link to deliver content for users are supported. These include NFC tags, Bluetooth tags (with Eddystone support) and QR codes.
You can deliver any page displayed by the user's web browser. It can be a web page with a special offer, information about your events and promotions or any other useful content.
The supported smartphones depend on the type of used tags.
  • NFC tags - supported Android smartphones with NFC and smartphones iPhone 7 and older with iOS 14.
  • Bluetooth (Eddystone) tags - IOS devices are supported with Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4S and later), Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Android 4.3. Requires an installed application to detect bluetooth tags.
  • QR-codes - supported by all smartphones with built-in camera. Requires an installed application for reading QR codes.
  • After touching the NFC tag, the smartphone reads the web link that is recorded on it. The browser is opened and the information that is set for this tag is displayed on the screen. This could be your website, a promo page with a coupon or something else. If used tag in the form of a QR-code, then for reading it is necessary an application for reading the QR-code.
    Re-encoding is not required, all changes can be made using the web application in your account.
    For each tag information is specified using the web interface of the application. You can group multiple tags to change their contents at the same time.


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