NFC tags encoding.

Create and store configurations for NFC tags. Encode NFC tags by Android application

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Create and store configurations for NFC tags.

All data for NFC tag encoding can be prepared before starting the project. Saved configurations can be reused in the following projects.

Convenient work with the use of the web interface.

Use the web interface features from your desktop PC to quickly and easily create tag configurations. A mobile application can only be used for writing configuration to an NFC tag.

NFC tag encoding

To program NFC tags, use the Android mobile application available for download on Google Play. All created NFC tag configurations are synchronized with the mobile application.

Organization and storage of NFC tag configurations in the cloud.

Tag configurations can be grouped for convenient use. The data is in the cloud storage, so you can access them using any PC or smartphone with Internet access.

Data export and integration

Export configurations to file. Open API for integration with third-party applications.

Use cases

Why use the Taglme Encoder service?

  • If you need to encode large amount of NFC tags.

    Fast and convenient creation of records using the web interface on a PC. You don't have to make a data set on a small smartphone screen. A mobile application can only be used to encode tags.

  • Reusing of NFC tag configurations

    Created configurations can be reused in the following projects. Storage of data in the cloud allows you to access information from anywhere.


Short overview video. You will learn how to create configurations for NFC tags and encode them.

Mobile application

NFC tags encoding is performed using a mobile Android application. The application is available for download and installation on Google play.


  • 10 tag groups
  • 100 tag configurations
  • 100 encodings per month

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15 USD

  • 50 tag groups
  • 500 tag configurations
  • 1000 encodings per month
  • 0.015 USD per additional encoding
  • email support

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  • custom tag groups
  • custom tag configurations
  • custom encodings per month
  • dedicated support

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NFC tags for your project

You can also order NFC tags from us. Depending on your task, we will offer wide range of tags - in the form of stickers, cards or a special protected tokens.


NFC tag configurations are created using a web application or mobile application.
To encode NFC tags, you need to install the application on an Android smartphone with NFC support. In the mobile application, all the tag configurations created in the web application will be available.
NFC Forum Type 2 tags formatted in NDEF format are supported. These include, for example, NFC tags with NTAG213 chips, NTAG216 and others.
Different types of records are supported. On the NFC tag, you can write a web link, text, business card, phone number or other type of information.
Yes, the application supports the tag lock feature. In this case, changing the information on the tag after encoding will not be possible.
Currently available encoding by mobile application only. We plan to make support for work with desktop NFC readers in the near future.
All created configurations can be exported to a file for use in third-party applications. An open API is also available for integration.


You could find more docs in Taglme help center

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