Free web application for desktop NFC readers.

Read, write and format NFC tags on your PC.

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Desktop NFC readers supported

The application works with desktop NFC readers connected to your PC.

Read NFC tags

Read type and identifier (UID) of the NFC tag. Read NDEF message written on the tag. Check read/write memory access.

Write NFC tags

Write NDEF message to NFC tag. Compose message from several records (URL, text, vcard etc.).

Console for sending NFC commands to tags.

Send commands directly to NFC tags (read / write memory pages). Execute scripts with several commands. Load and save commands and results to files.

NFC tag memory lock and formatting

NFC tags memory protection. Format tag memory.

Reading NFC tags memory dump

Read the contents of all pages of NFC tags memory. Display page numbers and supporting information. Save memory dump to file.

Use cases

Why use Taglme Console?

  • Work with NFC tags on a PC using desktop NFC readers

    Application will provide convenient work with NFC readers connected to the computer. Local and remote NFC readers are supported.

  • Direct access to NFC tags memory

    In addition to write / read NDEF message operations, the application allows you to send low-level commands directly to NFC tags (read/write memory pages). This allows you to perform any manipulations with the memory of NFC tags.


Short overview video. You will learn how to write/read NFC tags using a desktop NFC reader.

Windows application

Taglme Desktop Windows application should be installed to connect to NFC readers. Install and launch application to make readers available in the Taglme Console.

Download Taglme Desktop.

NFC equipment for your project

You can order NFC readers and NFC tags. We will offer the necessary equipment and provide consulting on its use.


Desktop NFC readers ACS ACR122U and ACR1252U-M1 are supported. We are working to expand the list of supported devices.
NFC tag NXP NTAG family are supported (NTAG203, NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216).
You need to install and run the Taglme Desktop client application on your PC. Currently available version for Windows. We are working to add support for Mac OS.


You could find more docs in Taglme help center

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